Sunday, 11 March 2012

Finance Manager Cover Letter for Manager Jobs

Finance manager cover letter for manager jobs should be constructed in a professional manner so that the recruiter, with its first look, calls the applicant for a personal round of interview.
Here are some cover letter tips for manager jobs that need to be looked before drafting a finance manager cover letters:
  • A cover letter should be short and precise with professional outlook 
  • It should contain relevant and correct information and it should be to the best of your knowledge 
  • Use simple English language to draft the cover letter, i.e. avoid use of flowery language
  • Highlight the essential feature of your resume in the cover letter
  • Proofread the cover letter at least 2-3 times before sending it to the recruiter
  • Make sure that you attach resume with the cover letter; otherwise it is of no use
How to write finance manager cover letters for manager jobs
  • Start the cover letter by providing your details such as your full name, permanent address, email id and the contact number. After this, mention the current date, followed by the details of the employer (name of the employer, their designation, organization's name, and address of the organization).
  • Then mention the subject line of the cover letter that includes details of the position for which you are applying, followed by details of the reference. If the reference is from the organization itself, then it acts as a job booster in getting the call for the interview from the employer.
  • After that comes the main section of the cover letter that is divided into 3 sections that are as follows:

    • The first section or the header that includes the aim for writing the cover letter. Mention the present and past experience with the job responsibilities that you undertook. Also, point out the key skills and qualities that you possess, as it will help the employer to judge you and depending upon this, they might schedule an interview with you.

    • The second section is the information section that contains your educational qualifications, professional skills, technical skills, project details, achievements, and extra-curricular activities. Do mention the domain knowledge in bullet points.

    • The third and last section is the salutation part i.e. giving thanks to the employer for their valuable time and interest in going through the cover letter.
  • At the end of the cover letter, put your signature followed by your full name. Do remember to enclose the essential documents with the cover letter.
This is the complete structure for drafting finance manager cover letter for manager jobs. You can refer it and prepare a customized cover letter for applying any type of financial jobs. Make sure that the cover letter is not too lengthy, but it should highlight all the important aspect of the resume in a positive manner. You can also refer to some of the example for finance manager cover letter for manager jobs or some finance manager sample cover letter to clear your doubts. By referring such finance manager cover letter example for manager job or sample cover letters for manager jobs all your doubts will be cleared.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Customer Service Cover Letter

When writing the customer service cover letter, you have to look at it from the employers' perspective. The cover letter should display your customer service skills and the experience for the applied position. It should solve the very purpose it is written for, which is to excite the readers to pick and go through your resume.

The cover letter should share important and necessary information such as positive attributes, relevant work experience, career achievements that could justify your profile against the applied job.

The main aim in writing the customer service cover letter is to compete with other candidates, and make a ground for your selection. There may be chances that two resumes are identical in experience and skills. In such cases, the employers can take their decisions based on the information written in the cover letter. So, exert the same effort in creating the cover letter like you do while performing your job. Here are the tips that will help you in generating readers' interest in your profile.

Tips to write customers service cover letter
  • As requested by the employers, the cover letter is either emailed or posted. To comply with the request, download a professional cover letter format that is at par with the latest trend of the industry. Regardless of the mode of applying, the cover letter should name the position you are applying, including the job reference code as published in the job ad.
  • Show the employers that you know the importance of organization. Compile all the information, and sort out the main points to be discussed in the cover letter. This could be anything you wished but couldn't include in the resume such as employer's comments or something you did single-handedly. Then follow the order in a logical manner giving a look and feel of coherence. 
  • The start of the letter should be different from the usual cover letters. Begin the sentence related to the importance of customer service in today's time. Point on the important aspects of the customer service and show how the success and growth of business is depended on it. Then describe how your experience could easily meet all the norms in exceeding customers' expectations. Show your interest by being practical and yet professional.
  • The second paragraph should force the readers into accepting your candidature for the job. Discuss how you have set and managed to achieve the goals both for the company and your career. Justify your writing with examples from your previous experience. End this paragraph by explaining what you could do for the company based on your skills and experience.
  • Express your interest again for the position in the concluding paragraph. In addition, use this section to thank the readers for accepting your application. Ask them about the possibility of an interview, or simply state the date the time you will call them to make an appointment.
  • Cover letters are the important tools that work magically while searching the job. They give enough reasons for the employers to consider your application for the job, and meet you. Follow these tips for writing customer service cover letter to win the competition.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter for Engineering Jobs

It is time for celebration whenever you receive your dream job offer. After studying your offer letter it may happen that you are not satisfied with the terms and conditions that are laid down in an engineering job offer. You may also be waiting for some other calls where you have been interviewed. But you do not want to take a risk where you have to lose a job offer in this tight job market situation. In such cases, you can always take a safe step by drafting acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs.

The cover letter of acknowledgement confirms the fact that you are in receipt of the offer. It is imperative that you inform the potential employer that you have received the offer but you want to take some time before you can make the final decision. If you fail to draft this cover letter, the employer will feel that you are not interested in the offer made and will try to employ some other candidate. On the contrary, by acknowledging job offer cover letters for engineering jobs you make sure that you retain the offer in your hands with an added advantage of declining the same if you receive a better offer.

Here is a sample acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs:

Mildred D. Holman
The Hiring Manager
Persistent Engineers Inc.
1506 Buckhannan Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13204

Michael R. Preston
2705 Happy Hollow Road
Fayetteville, NC 28306
Phone: 910-494-5263

Date: January 26, 2012

Dear Ms. Holman,

It was a great pleasure to receive the offer for the job of a System Engineer in your esteemed organization. Through this letter I would like to acknowledge the job offer. I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity.

I have studied and understood the terms and conditions laid down in the offer. However, I would like to request you for some time before I could take the final decision which would be in the best interest of both, from my career point of view and of the organization as well.

I was impressed by the professional manner in which the interview was conducted and especially the co-operation extended by the HR department. I will make sure that I convey my final decision before February 20, 2012.

Thank you for the time and consideration. Please feel free to contact me on my phone number if you need any other details.

Yours sincerely,


Michael Preston

Remember the following points before you draft an acknowledgment cover letter:
1.It should be short and succinct
2.Thank the reader for giving you the opportunity
3.Provide them the details as to when will you convey your final decision
4.Convince the employer that you are eager to join the organization
5.Make sure you proof-read the letter to avoid errors

Based on the above example, it will definitely be easier for you to draft an acknowledging job offer cover letter for engineering jobs.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Salary Negotiation before Joining for Civil Construction Jobs

Finally you have got your dream job. Even if your salary is not as per expectations, you are still eager to join that organization. It becomes evident that you will need to take an initiative step by drafting a cover letter for salary negotiation before joining for civil construction jobs.

Not many applicants have the courage to negotiate their salaries as they fear to lose out the job. If they chose to negotiate they have a fair chance of getting a hike in the salary as per expectations. Even if the employers do not agree to increase the salary they always have an option of rejecting the offer. So either way the applicant is going to be benefited.

Here are some techniques for salary negotiation:
Thoroughly research about the company and try to get an idea about the latest market trends. Find out what is the salary that the company is willing to shell out and what is your expectation.

Never give a specific number. If the company is offering less, they will not even consider you for the interview. On the contrary, if you quote a less amount than the budgeted salary you will tend to lock yourself in that situation and settle for less. To avoid this, try to give a range of salary.

If you have other offers that are offering better salary you are in a better position to demand. But you should not sound over demanding.
The issue of salary should be raised by the employer first. Convince them you are the best deserving candidate for that post.

Show your flexibility. Just don’t agree immediately. Request for some time to think over. If they are offering low salaries ask when shall it be revised or what are the other benefits that are being offered in addition.
 Sample Salary Negotiation Before Joining for Civil Construction Jobs

William S. Ridgway
The Manager
Universal Constructions
1158 Golden Street
Doral, FL 33178

James J. Miller
2227 Carolina Avenue
Dolores, TX 78040
Phone: 956-799-2865
Date: January 13, 2012

Dear Mr. Ridgway,
I was really excited to receive your offer for the post of a Construction Manager from an organization I always wished to work for. I would like to thank you for showing the faith and confidence in me to consider me for this post.

However, I am not satisfied with the salary that is being offered to me; especially for an experienced person who has been in this industry for 8 years. I have got another opportunity making an offer of $_________ amounting to a big difference. But I am eager to join your organization as it offers better career growth.
I hope you will reconsider my salary. I will prove to be an asset and take the organization to new heights.
Yours sincerely,
James Miller

Handling salary negotiation before joining for civil construction jobs will now be much easier if you follow the above guidelines.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Acknowledging Job Offer Cover Letter for Civil Construction Jobs

Construction is a booming industry; it is very tough to acquire your dream job in this field. Due to the staggering competition it is necessary that you take every little step to ensure that you don’t miss out on any opportunity. Whenever you receive a job offer, you just don’t have to jump on the offer and grab it. Think and rethink before you make the final decision. You can take the safest option of drafting an acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs that will ensure that the offer remains intact unless otherwise you wish to withdraw.
The following points need to be covered while drafting an acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs:
  • Make it brief
  • Express your interest in the job 
  • Clarify if you have any doubts
  • Request in a polite manner that you need some more time to think over again
  • Make sure that you convey the decision before the given deadline
  • Write  in a professional manner
  • Ensure that it is free of grammatical, typographical or spelling errors
  • Proof-read the letter several times before sending it to the employer
Here is a sample acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs:
Tommie K. Early
The Human Resource Manager
Sigma Constructions
2311 Comfort Court
La Crosse, WI 54601
Constance S. Thibeault
4023 Court Street
Saint Louis, MO 63146
Phone: 636-686-7948
Email id:

Dear Mr. Early,
I would like to acknowledge the offer you have made for the post of a Senior Site Supervisor in your esteemed organization. I would like to express my gratitude for showing this faith and confidence in me.

Accepting your offer would require me to relocate to La Crosse, WI. For this I would like to request some more time as I have got another offer from an organization, which is located near to my residence. However, I am eager to join your organization which promises better career opportunities. I assure you that I will convey my decision before February 15, 2012.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity and the time taken to go through my letter. If you need any other details, please feel free to contact me on my phone number mentioned above.
Yours sincerely,
Constance Thibeault

So the next time if you are confused whether to take up the job offer or not, select this safest way and draft an effective acknowledging job offer cover letter for civil construction jobs.  Most of the applicants fail to take this small step and eventually lose out the job opportunity. Therefore, even if you are awaiting the results of other interviews it is better to acknowledge the offer you have received by drafting a cover letter of acknowledgement. Even if you don’t wish to join, later you will always be remembered for your professionalism. If you accept the offer, you will give a good jump start to your career by always remaining in the forefront.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Sample Cover Letter to Personal Referral for Civil Construction Jobs

The Purpose
You have attached an effective cover letter with your civil construction resume to increase the chances of getting interviewed. If you want to multiply these chances, it is always a good idea to seek the permission of the referrer, wherein you will be put forth in a better position. A sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs will ensure that you get best opportunity available in the civil construction field.

Selecting an ideal referrer
Selection of a right referrer is equally important while applying for a civil construction job. Ideally, the referrer can be a senior person from any civil construction organization or some professor from your college. The basic thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that the person should be well aware of your capabilities. They should have in-depth knowledge about the civil construction field.

Format of the cover letter
Like any other cover letters, the sample cover letter to personal referral should be short and concise. You can mention how you came to know about the referrer.  Provide him with the details that are relevant to the job. Don’t forget to thank the reader for allotting his valuable time. The language of this type of cover letter should be simple and easy to understand to facilitate better readability.

Immediate actions to be taken
Do not forget to draft a thank you letter to the referrer. You should make the changes as per the suggestions made by the referrer. Further, it is your duty to keep them informed with the latest advancements in your career.

To get the right direction in your civil construction career, here is a sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs:
Heather H. Kramer
The Hiring Manager
Kramer Constructions
4833 Fannie Street
San Angelo, TX 76903

Edward N. Darr
1177 Morris Street
Victoria, TX 77901
Phone: 830-375-2531
Email id:
Date: January 8, 2012

Dear Ms. Kramer,
I was excited to know about the vacancy of Civil Construction Manager in your organization posted on It has always been a dream to be a part of your organization.

I am pursuing my final year in the business administration. After my graduation in construction science I did six months of internship with Status Constructions. I was responsible for the following duties:

1.Planning and directing the project
2.Reviewing the project to ensure safety regulations
3.Interpreting and executing the plans as per the budget
4.Conducting overall supervision
I would like to blend my construction experience and management skills to take your organization to greater heights backed by my hard work and dedication. Thank you for the time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Darr

Based on the above guidelines you can easily draft a sample cover letter to personal referral for civil construction jobs. Do not make any kind of grammatical, spelling or typographical mistakes in this professional letter. Proof-read it thoroughly before sending it to the employer.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Cover Letter for Salary Negotiation before Joining for Call Center Jobs

Each and every applicant aims to get a lucrative job offering them the best salary in the industry. For this, they need to analyze their strengths and skills and research the market well to what is being offered in the industry. Accordingly, they can set a standard salary figure below which they are not going to accept the offer. If the applicant does not get the desired salary, they can always negotiate the salary by drafting an effective cover letter for salary negotiation before joining call center jobs.

A cover letter for salary negotiation before joining call center jobs can be drafted in the most effective way by taking into consideration the following points:
1.    It should be short and crisp
2.    Thank the employer for giving you the wonderful opportunity you had dreamt of
3.    Research the company to find out what is being offered, analyze the information, and consider different options available. Accordingly plan, define and state clearly your expectations.
4.    You can also provide the details of other offers which are equally tempting but you have put on hold
5.    Convey your interest to take up this job
6.    Clearly communicate that you are willing to reconsider the job if some positive alterations take place
7.    The tone of the letter should be polite and positive and show your willingness to accept the job if positive changes are made. It should never be demanding.
8.    The letter should be proof red to avoid silly mistakes that may hamper your impression
You can refer the sample of cover letter for salary negotiation before joining for call center jobs to give a more clear idea:

David A. Albright
The Hiring Manager
Galaxy Call Center
409 Jefferson Street
Chesapeake, VA 23321
Abigail R. Lind
3605 Grim Avenue
La Mesa, CA 92041
Phone: 619-668-9810
Date: January 4, 2012

Dear Mr. Albright,

I was pleased to get the offer from your organization for the post of Operations Manager. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity I had always dreamt of.

As per the discussion during the interview, you had told me that I would be receiving travel allowance and quarter allowance that would help to facilitate my relocation to Chesapeake. But these allowances have not been covered in the salary that is being offered. Moreover, I expect a 30% rise in my present salary, keeping in mind with the current market trends.

I am genuinely interested in joining your organization that has a repute for having high employee retention rate and offers good career growth. If you need any other information, please contact me on the phone number provided above.

Yours sincerely,

Abigail Lind

Salary negotiation is an art you need to master. Though you may find it uncomfortable, it is your right to get the salary you truly deserve. So never fail to lose out the opportunity by drafting a cover letter for salary negotiation before joining for call center jobs.